Just one second delay in page-load can cause 7% decrease in conversion

load timeFour years ago, Google announced that it had begun factoring site speed into its ranking algorithm. What does this really mean in terms of sales?

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A marketer’s ability to have a company’s website’s pages load quickly directly impacts sales and ultimately the bottom line.  Page load times can impact the overall customer experience, as well as SEO as page speed determines search ranking. According to the Aberdeen Group, a 1-second delay in page-load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions. And that sounds bad for business.

We partnered with the UK’s leading glasses e-tailor, Glasses Direct, to study page speed and conversion behavior. Our study enabled us to build a case for the true correlation between page speed and dollar values. Our findings substantiated the Aberdeen findings, where increases in page-load time significantly impacted conversion rates, dropping by 7%.

In order to get these findings, we monitored both page performance and revenue on the Glasses Direct site.  From the monitoring, we measured the impact of average paid-load time a user experienced to their likelihood to convert on the site.

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