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The best website design starts with a probing question … and then another and another. You say that you want a website, but we know it’s not as simple as that. What is your motivation behind wanting a new website? Lack of growth? A new service? A tired-looking brand? We’ll get to the bottom of it and show you how your website can change your business — by attracting your ideal client, making your website easier for customers to use, bringing efficiencies to your staff, and much more.

Without consistency in what you say and the look of your marketing collateral across all media, a potential customer may wonder what your “true” message is or get the impression that your organization doesn’t have it together. If you do not already have the following essentials of a strong brand in place, we can do that for you: Brand Statement, Mission Statement and Tagline.

We believe the best website design actually begins with the content. We get the brand messaging in place as we mentioned above, and then our copywriting team will interview you to draw out the information needed to write original content that appeals to your target audience. Before we begin writing, our SEO analysts research the most frequently used search terms that would bring the most relevant customer to your website.

We use design to elevate the power of the written word. It can be in the way we present that content visually (enhanced by color selection, photos and page design) and by organizing the content page-by-page in a way that directs your prospect straight to you. We also design for user experience: Is the site easy to navigate? Does the design direct customers first to the information they need most? Does it adapt from one device to another so it is easy to read and navigate? With websites designed by Buzzquake, the answer is always, “Yes.”

You will start to see your site take shape at this stage. We will select a WordPress theme based on design and functionality requirements (e.g., ecommerce, membership management, event calendar and registrations, appointment booking). We take the finalized design and all of the desired functionality to bring it to life as a working website. All of our websites are fully responsive, meaning they will be mobile-ready and will display well on screens of any size. You can offer feedback several times during the design and development phases. The best website design and development comes from collaboration.

Launching your site isn’t just the flip of a switch. We have protocols in place before launch to be sure everything goes smoothly. We make a backup of your old site in the rare event that something would go wrong. Your new site will go live without any downtime. If your new site will be on a new URL, we can redirect visitors from your old URL to your new one. There’s nothing to worry about! At your request, we can include optional launch services related to user analytics and SEO.

After your project is complete, we can provide you with consulting services. For example, if you are thinking of adding new functionality and want to be sure it will mesh, we can offer guidance. Has a new business challenge come up? We can explore how your website can solve that problem. We also provide training so that you can manage blog posts, add events and list new products on your own. Contact us with your questions or to learn more about our consultative services.