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Small Business Website Design

Make it clear what you do and how it benefits your customer, and growth will follow.

Small businesses website design is an area of expertise for Buzzquake Marketing. When you tell us, “I need a website,” we find out why. Are you going after a higher caliber customer? Looking to expand your geographic reach? Promoting a new product or service? Or is your current website not making the impression you want? From the beginning, we want to understand your biggest business objectives and harness the power of your website to get you there.

The Look of Your Site Is the Start of the Relationship

About 75% of consumers say they judge a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. If your website doesn’t appeal to a potential customer right away, you can lose them just as quickly. All of our website designs are completely customized and exceptionally engaging. We never use a template, so your website is as unique as your business. It aligns with the look of your brand through the colors and images we use, so customers recognize right away that they are in the right place. Our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly, with a navigation that stays easy to use — and a design that remains attractive — on screens of any size. Your relationship with your customer and their ability to trust you begins the moment they land on your site.

Your Website Content Is Critical

The importance of content can get lost in typical small business website design. What you have to say is what is going to keep someone on your site, encourage them to learn more, and present all of the information they need to make a decision. If you don’t already have a Value Proposition, Mission Statement and Tagline in place, we can develop those for you so that your brand messaging is solid before content development begins. Your potential customer will clearly see the value you bring. As part of our small businesses website design, we also give extensive thought to how to organize the content to make it easy to navigate your site and guide prospects to do what you want: buy a product, sign up for an event or get in touch right away.

Without SEO, You Don’t Exist

If potential customers can’t find your business online, there’s no opportunity to attract leads, to grow your business, and to make your mark on the world. We build Search Engine Optimization into the content development process, based on the research of our SEO analysts for the search terms your ideal customer will use to find a company like yours. But they need to find you first. Before launch, we can test your content against Google’s ever-changing algorithms and code we can put into place to track the hits to a page. When it comes to small business web design, you can’t be successful without strategic SEO. Ask us how you can amplify your web traffic even more with email campaigns, paid advertising and social media.

We Support Your Success

You can count on us for absolutely anything you need to market your business — and always with a quick response time and creative guidance. Plus, the integrative approach we take to delivering all of our services generates the greatest impact and maximizes your marketing budget.

Learn what we can do to create seismic change for your business.