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Ecommerce Website Design

Sell more with a website that speeds decisions and simplifies purchases.

Effective ecommerce website design influences the level of trust that a buyer will have for a merchant. That requires a design that is undoubtedly professional with a strong visual appeal, along with written content that makes customers feel comfortable about making a purchase. Without trust, a purchase is highly unlikely.
The next step is presenting your product selection attractively and logically so that customers put items in their carts quickly and can check out with ease. The way we design websites for online retailers does just that, and we offer a wide range of other services that make future sales easy to grab.
Buzzquake Marketing’s ecommerce website design is ideal for …

  • Physical products held in inventory and ready to ship or be picked up locally
  • Print on demand and drop/ship products like Printful and others
  • Downloadable products
  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Integration with online booking services like Bookeo, Peek and others
  • Online appointment booking like Bookly, Calendly and others
  • Integration of your shop with your Facebook business page.
  • Personalized products
  • Customer login for repeat purchases

Easy Management of Your eStore

  • Add/edit/delete products
  • Coupon codes, sales and discounts
  • Configuration of sales tax and shipping charges
  • Customer reviews
  • Integration with email marketing service providers
  • Integration with Facebook so you can take your store to where your customers are
  • Integration with multiple payment platforms (PayPal, Stripe, and others)

Speedy Navigation and Buying

You don’t have to depend on large companies (like Amazon, Etsy or eBay) that take a large percentage of sales and limit how you present your products. With us, you own your website completely, while being able to take advantage of the trusted WooCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website. We customize your website so customers quickly find what they want. Our designers understand how your potential customer will navigate your website because ecommerce website design is a specialty for us. Just as important, we make it easy for customers to follow through with a purchase without confusion or inconvenience. You personally can manage your store while Buzzquake offers you the personalized support you aren’t going to get from the big-name selling platforms.

Customer Reviews

With all of the information the internet provides, you can find a review for just about anything, and that’s what your potential customers will want to do. Positive reviews can increase sales when your customers trust your company and the quality of your product or service. The WooCommerce platform we use for ecommerce website design makes reviews simple to collect and include on your site.

Email Marketing for Boosting Sales

How many times have you put a product in your cart without buying? Do you visit ecommerce sites with products you want but you still don’t buy? Or maybe you haven’t made a purchase in a while. Your potential customers are doing the same thing. So how do you bring these hot prospects back? We integrate the functionality that allows you to easily …

  • Send emails reminding them about what they left in their carts and invite them back.
  • Send targeted emails based on their past buying behavior on your site.
  • Invite them to sign up for your email list (for discounts, new products and more).

Content Creation and Brand Development

So you have these wonderful products, but what do you say about them on your site? How do you describe your company? Why should people buy your products? We can work with you to develop what to say to define and distinguish your brand — and we can do that for social media, email campaigns and digital advertising, too.

For an ecommerce website you can manage yourself while still getting our personalized support, contact us.