Resources for learning how to use Google Analytics

These resources are intended to help users who have already established Google Analytics accounts for their websites learn how to use Google Analytics.  If you need help with establishing a Google Analytics account, click here.

Signing In

Go to, select Google Analytics from the Sign-In drop-down menu, and then use your gmail email address and password to login. You should then see the Google Analytics account for your website.

Online HelpLearning how to use Google Analytics

This a great post for beginners — we suggest that you read this first if you are just getting started.

Google offers pretty extensive online help for Google Analytics.

Google also offers some free online courses through its Analytics Academy to help new and experienced users get more out of Google Analytics.

There’s also a Google Analytics YouTube channel with some helpful videos.

Here is a good primer on what every business owner should know about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can be very overwhelming, so start slow and don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense at first.  Just understanding the terminology is a good first step.

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