Why we love SiteGround for web hosting – let us count the ways

We use SiteGround for hosting our website, buzzquzke.com, and highly recommend it to our customers for numerous reasons.

Up-to-Date Technology

SiteGround updates technology automatically on all of its servers.  Other web hosting companies wait until customers complain about slow service before they will spend the money to do the right thing.  You should never be told “Oh, your server has old technology. We can move your site to a newer, faster server.”  If there is something that can make your website faster, SiteGround will be among the first to implement it.


In addition to using great hardware, Siteground has also developed customized software to enable your website to run as quickly as possible. Most WordPress websites might have one caching plugin installed (learn more about caching).  Siteground has a free caching plugin in the WordPress repository that any Siteground user can install to speed up their site. Additionally, if you buy either one of the top two tiers of WordPress hosting services, SiteGround makes three levels of caching service available. This results in excellent page load speed!

WordPress-Centric Servers

You can power a Ford with a Chevy engine, but it probably won’t run as efficiently as it would with a Ford engine.  The same concept holds true with web servers.  SiteGround specializes in web hosting for WordPress.  This means that their servers are configured specifically to make WordPress websites work flawlessly and quickly.  No other company that we know of does this as well as SiteGround.


Siteground security experts constantly monitor for WordPress related vulnerabilities and proactively protect their users.

Great Customer Service

The Siteground support team has advanced WordPress expertise and can be reached 24/7 on chat and telephone with little to no wait time. Even support tickets submitted by email receive a response within about 10 minutes, which is nothing short of amazing!  Their service is unparalleled in their industry.

Price and Value

Siteground somehow manages to maintain its best-in-class status without charging more than its inferior competitors.  In fact, it offers many services as part of your hosting package that other providers charge separately for – SSL certificates and daily backup services are just two examples.  Siteground will even move your WordPress website to your new Siteground hosting account FOR FREE. This translates into remarkable value worth noting!


Don’t just take our word for it. Read why many people prefer Siteground.
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