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At Buzzquake, we teach people to EXPECT AN ROI from their digital marketing efforts.  We are fully committed to providing useful information to our present and future clients. Organizations that followed our advice on design and content have increased their sales and customer engagement.

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SEO for Images

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), images are the most neglected elements. So, if you’re one of the few people who pays attention to images, you will be ahead of crowd. This [...]

High school student’s perspective on her marketing internship at Buzzquake

Like many young people, I struggle with picking a college major and career field. Let’s face it, many adults struggle with the same thing! As soon as I heard about an intern mentor program offered at my Ellicott City, Maryland, high school, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. When the time came to pick an industry for my internship, I requested a marketing firm. It has been great working at Buzzquake. I already see that marketing is

Buzzquake asked to design a website that would promote Nexaware and its flagship product, E-Scale

Jeff Segal, CEO of Nexaware, a startup technology firm based in Virginia, faced a common challenge. He was launching a new company and its first product, E-Scale, at the same time, and he needed to differentiate them on the company’s website so that they would have unique identities. The solution was a website with a dual focus.

Buzzquake launches new website under the heading of practicing what we preach (web design best practices)

Buzzquake's new website incorporates many of the web design best practices that we advise our clients to implement, including a simplified homepage with a clean, simple and visually compelling message (Sales Solved) that is intended to speak to the needs of our target audience. In order to improve conversion rates, we significantly decluttered the page. Essentially we removed everything except

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