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Website Care Plan

We keep your website secure, fast and running smoothly with an annual plan that makes maintaining your website stress-free.

Website maintenance is a necessity — for software updates, security checks, backups and other ongoing tasks — but many web design firms don’t offer an option for continuing care. After your website has launched, you might not speak to them again until you’re contacting them in a panic. It could be when your site is suddenly down, something isn’t working or there’s a security issue. Now you’re paying their hourly rate, while visitors to your site are having second thoughts about your credibility.

Our annual care plan includes:

Daily Backups

A full backup of your website and database are stored offsite on a secure server.

Daily Security Scan

We scan your website for any malware or security breaches that have occurred in the last 24 hours. If we find anything we notify you immediately.

Immediate Security Patches

If any software used on your website is found to be insecure, we will install a security patch as soon as one becomes available.

Weekly Software Updates

Updates to any software on your website that have become available in the preceding week, will be installed on your website. We check the home page of your website after updates to make sure your site is running smoothly and has maintained the same appearance.

Weekly Database Optimization

Removing obsolete data from your database improves the speed and performance of your website, thus yielding a better user experience.

Weekly Deletion of Spam Comments

Having Spam comments out of the way allows you to focus on the comments that really matter to you and your audience.

Maintain 30 Days of Backups

If your website should go down for whatever reason, or you simply want to go back to what you did yesterday, we have your back with at least 30 days of previous backups. that we can restore for you.

Monthly Report

Our monthly report tells you about all the tasks we performed on your website in the preceding month. You will receive this in your inbox on the first of every month.

With our website maintenance plan, Buzzquake Marketing is responsive to your needs and provides the solution to any problem that may arise.