Email yields the highest ROI

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We inspire your clients to take action.

Email is a POWERFUL method of communication because it’s inexpensive/free and reaches stakeholders on their schedules.

Beyond Spray and Pray

Email systems have become a lot more sophisticated in recent years. Spray and pray SPAM is a thing of the past.  By using email list management tools, we help our clients:

  • Instantly send welcome emails to new customers
  • Support list-building website conversion strategies.
  • Use autoresponders to effortlessly send proposal follow-up and post-purchase messages.
  • Segment lists to gauge campaign effectiveness and to personalize email based on customer interests.
  • Integrate analytics to provide important insights.
  • Post content to a website that is then automatically emailed to subscribers.
  • Send email based on customers’ website activity and behavioral targeting.
  • Provide product recommendations based on previous purchases.


We typically create a template to support a client’s brand. A template not only saves you time in designing email but it also ensures that your messages will render well across all devices, programs and email clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)

List Management

A company’s email list is a valuable digital asset. One of the best reasons to establish an email service account is to take advantage of automated list management. Automated systems protect and preserve lists as well as maintain them. If a reader chooses to opt out of your newsletter, they click a link in your email and they are automatically removed. You do not have to do anything. Also, these services integrate well with websites allowing you to place an email signup form on your website and elsewhere (Facebook for example). These opt-in forms manage new users automatically, to including firing off welcome messages and ignoring duplicate subscribers.


We coach clients on email messaging, including subject lines that increase open rates and “hooks” that keep recipients reading. We also know what calls to action get people to act. Some clients choose to have us handle everything for them.

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