Content is the key to SEO

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We organize and improve your web content to help people find you.

Google searches are by far the most likely way new customers will find you.  Optimizing your website for search will help it rank HIGHER than your competitors’ sites.

SEO is complicated.  There are hundreds of identified factors in Google’s search algorithm.  And because Google often tweaks its algorithm, SEO work is never complete.  Even if your website manages to achieve high rankings, maintaining them requires regular action based on data (analytics).

Think Strategically

For the best results, search engine optimization should be planned out and integrated with all of your other marketing initiatives.  It should be “built” in rather than “added on.”  Your strategy should include:

  • Information architecture / website page structure.
  • Keyword research on what terms you should write into your content.
  • Inserting keywords at the optimal density and locations.
  • Removing duplicate content.
  • Writing often and well.
  • Fixing website development and performance issues.
  • Structuring pages properly.
  • Infusing structured data/schema.
  • Focusing on local SEO, as appropriate.
  • Staying abreast of shifting algorithms.

Content is King

The days of gaming Google with keywords and links are over.  Posting compelling, original content on a regular basis is now the most important thing you can do to improve SEO.  It’s also important to publish your content on your website first, so that you get SEO credit for it.  Fortunately, if you write well enough to attract human readers, you will likely also attract the attention of search engines.

Hate to write?

“Great” (often punctuated by a rolling of the eyes) is the most common response we get when we tell people they should write new content every week. Most people either hate to write or don’t have the time.  Let’s be honest.  You’re busy running your business.  Writing is our business.  We excel at it and can create content for you.  It’ll be our secret.

Press Releases

We deliver well-written, compelling and newsworthy stories that are ready to be published.  All that’s missing is a byline.  Our track record stands for itself.

Paid Advertising

Google and other search engines and social media will promote your website via paid advertising.  If you want to fast-track search engine dominance, we can help you formulate an advertising strategy.  Keep in mind that paid search is not completely separate from search engine optimization.  As SEO specialists, we can help you amplify the reach and impact of your paid search campaigns.

If you would like to see where your website currently ranks, use this tool.

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