Gaming Google is almost impossible — original content is what drives SEO

original-contentWe get asked SEO-related questions at least once a week. Typically it’s when a prospect is contemplating spending a chunk of money on a website and the natural next consideration is “Will it help me grow my business?” Sometimes it’s when someone has already paid another firm for a website but they are not happy with the traffic it is garnering. Either way the issue boils down to “How do I attract more eyeballs?”

Gaming Google

It used to be easier to manipulate organic search results in a website’s favor. Links, keywords, styling and structure used to be more heavily weighted than they are today.

Unfortunately, now there are no shortcuts.  Gaming Google is all but impossible.  In fact, in the very recent past, Google adjusted its algorithms to give more credence to original content and penalize scraping (the term we use for plagiarism).

Dynamic Content

We usually suggest that people consider adding more dynamic content to their websites.  Even blogging on an irregular, occasional basis is better than a site with static content.

Blogging is easier to do than people might think. We encourage clients to repurpose as much of their business writing as possible. There is a good chance, for instance, that when we send a work-related message to a client it will later be modified for inclusion on Buzzquake’s blog. Why not tweak your messages a bit and post that content to improve your SEO?

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