Setting screen options for WordPress post editor

post editor settingsWe have several customers who blog on WordPress sites and have reported problems and frustrations with using the standard WordPress post editor.

One client said her text wasn’t wrapping properly and the end of each line was obscured by the editor’s right column.  Others reported that there were too many unused features to wade through.

In most cases, they didn’t know that the core WordPress software allows for the post editor’s layout to be modified.  For instance, the right column can be deleted, which will push all of the features normally contained in it to the area below the main body.  Turning off the columns solved the text wrapping problem.

There are several nice tutorials available on how to modify the standard WordPress post editor’s layout.  However, it’s so simple to do that you can probably figure it out on your own.  To begin, click on the “Screen Options” dropdown in the top right corner of the standard post editor (see photo).  You will be presented with two sections: “Show on Screen” and “Screen Layout.”  The Screen Layout section is where you can choose between one or two columns.

We encourage you to modify your WordPress post editor layout to suit your needs.  Please keep in mind that no changes are permanent.  If you hide a feature that you later discover you need, it is a matter of few simple clicks to make it show again.

Remember, Buzzquake friends, original content is very important to SEO and operational success.  I hope this little tip inspires you to keep writing!

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