Websites are living organisms!

websites are living organismsHello!  Website owners, are you listening?  Websites are living organisms.  They require care and maintenance to stay healthy.  Just like a car or a house (and almost everything else for that matter).

About once a month we get an urgent call from someone asking us to take a look at a website because something broke or stopped working.  Typically, the conversation goes something like this.

/bq:  How long has it been since you updated your CMS (content management system)?
Caller:  Our what?

/bq:  The core software and plug-ins have to be updated periodically to keep the site running smoothly. Have you updated them recently?
Caller:  I don’t think we’ve ever updated anything.  I didn’t know we had to.

/bq:  Just like any other software, websites have to be maintained.  Updating the software that keeps them running is the primary way we do that.
Caller:  Can you tell me how to do it?

/bq:  First, make sure you do a full backup of the site to include the database.
Caller:  Database?

/bq:  Yes, in addition to the software there is a database that must be backed up.  A lot of people make the mistake of only backing up the website.  The database is where  the content is stored.
Caller:  Okay.  We’ll do that as soon as we can, but can’t you just take a look at our site and fix what’s wrong?

/bq:  If you haven’t updated the software since the site was launched, there is a very good chance that doing so will fix the problems you’re experiencing.  It’s the logical first step.  And if a service ticket has to be submitted, tech support won’t do anything until everything’s updated.
Caller:  I don’t have the time or the patience, how much would you charge me to do it?

/bq:  $75/hour.  It should take about two hours if nothing goes wrong.  By the way, For $10 per month we offer weekly backups and monthly maintenance, but you have to be within one month of current to qualify for the service plan.
Caller:  That seems fair.  Please update everything and then sign me up for maintenance!

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