Web server reliability varies greatly

503We have software in place to monitor the up and down times of our customers’ websites.  When we present the results, many people are shocked to learn how unreliable their web hosting services are.

Reliability varies!

Often new customers have already purchased web hosting services before they hire us.  If they are game, one of the first things we do is install a monitor to gauge the server’s reliability.  Most services are very reliable (+99%).  Some – not so much…

The plain truth is that few people have any way of knowing how often or for how long their sites are down.  Therefore, few complain about unreliable service.  Until we arm them with facts, that is.

Case study

Last night, a server on which we are currently developing a site experienced so many interruptions to service that we final gave up for the day.  It wasn’t worth our time to continue working.  When we informed the client, he was grateful and apologized for the inconvenience.  We felt bad because our client is paying good money for our services and his time-sensitive project was delayed through no fault of his own.

Here is the service log:



Duration of Disruption

6:41 pm

6:45 pm

4 minutes

6:54 pm

6:59 pm

5 minutes

7:04 pm

7:12 pm

8 minutes

The server was down for 17 minutes in a 31-minute period (+50% of the time).

Same cost

Here’s the thing.  We haven’t seen any difference in price based on reliability.  Reliable hosts charge about the same prices as unreliable ones. Clearly the morale of the story is ask about reliability and make it part of your purchase criteria.

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