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/buzzquake’s latest project hawks big snow blowers  

2016-10-17T10:29:44+00:00 January 7th, 2015|Buzzquake Press|

“I think the first thing out of Grove’s mouth was ‘We need a new website to help reach folks who rent big snow blowers,’" recalled Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland.  “Now there’s a phone call you don’t get every day.” “We provide a [...]

What has the greatest impact on conversion rates, text or images?

2016-10-17T10:29:50+00:00 December 16th, 2013|Content Strategy|

It depends on the text and images, right? “Both” is what most people say.  But are they correct? There are text-only landing pages with high conversion rates as well as some with almost no words that manage to convert beaucoup visitors.  Clearly it's possible to be successful either way. What about Google and Craigslist?  Heck, [...]