Tips for getting your arms around creating and organizing web content

2016-10-17T10:29:41+00:00 March 2nd, 2016|Content Strategy|

A lot of our customers struggle with creating and organizing content for their websites. Heck, we struggle with it, too! It can be challenging. Here is our standard method for getting a handle on what can seem like an overwhelming task. Overarching Objectives Try to put your present website out of your mind for a [...]

3 reasons why you need to suck it up and start writing

2016-10-17T10:29:48+00:00 February 7th, 2014|Business Advice, Content Strategy, SEO, Social Media|

Listen up, people.  It’s time to start writing. The new Google search algorithm, named Hummingbird because it’s “precise and fast,” devalues keywords and links and favors original content.  In fact, it not only prefers original content, but it also penalizes sites that plagiarize other people's writing.  It’s starting to dawn on folks that they have [...]

Life after federal contracting

2016-10-17T10:29:49+00:00 January 20th, 2014|Asides, SEO|

This is just a quick note to inform my former colleagues that there is life after federal contracting! About seven years ago I quit my job as the CMO of a federal event planning company and took the entrepreneurial plunge, launching /buzzquake, which provides myriad marketing services, including graphic design for web and print, direct [...]