Analytics enable data-driven decisions

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We help you use data to reach your business goals.

Analytics is the study of human behaviors on websites.  It measures how well you are ATTRACTING visitors (SEO) and MOTIVATING them to do what you want them to (conversion).

Optimizing a website for SEO and conversion is an iterative process that will include some trial and error.  The good news is that Google Analytics makes it possible to measure just about every aspect of your website’s performance.  Armed with that data, you can make changes to your website and move closer to reaching your business goals.

Trusting the Data

It is likely that there are prospective customers you haven’t reached because your website isn’t optimized.  Do you have the courage to make decisions based on facts, not gut instinct, and do what the data dictate?  Are you ready to commit to:

  • Creating goals and monitoring performance with Google tools?
  • Reading reports sent from Google Analytics?
  • Acting on documented trends?
  • Making changes to your website based on the actions visitors take on a page, such as clicking buttons and scrolling?
  • Acting on answers to questions, such as:
    • How many people are visiting your site?
    • How long are people staying?
    • What page(s) and feature(s) are people entering and exiting on?
    • Which pages get the most views?
    • Which sites are referring the most visitors to your site?

Interpreting Data

A good analyst can help you determine whether you’re speaking your customers’ language and whether you are addressing their key problems.  This will help you provide more valuable resources in your content which will improve your SEO and conversion rate.

Not only must you cull the right data to review, you must actually know what you’re looking at — and how they are relevant.

Reasons for Optimism

If you commit to data-driven, incremental improvements, your website will help your achieve your goals.

Analytics-based decision-making works.

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