Vasoptic Medical Case Study

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Project Description

The Brief

Vasoptic Medical WebsiteWe met the principals of this startup firm at a local technology business incubator and were immediately impressed with both their technology and commitment to improving the lives of the world’s poor. They had a legacy website that needed help. Their primary objectives were to provide a cursory overview of their business and to engage collaborators and investors who shared their vision for furnishing quick, inexpensive medical tests that could be conducted and interpreted in the field, including in America’s poor, urban neighborhoods and remote, third-world countries. Their first foray into this space is a low-cost, easy-to-use, portable retinal imager designed to non-invasively capture physiological information from the retinal microvasculature as a means of monitoring the progression of ophthalmic (eye) disease related to diabetes.

Our Approach

We chose a vertically scrolling theme suited to telling their story via a minimalist site that included a pleasing use of white space and a limited quantity of animation to bring life and meaning to statistical information that might otherwise seem bland. We spent quite a bit of time with their team to organize content and come up with an architecture that was simple, intuitive and flexible. We can’t think of a time when we achieved so much with only three primary navigation links. They wanted to maintain the site by themselves so we chose a theme that allows their personnel to easily add and modify content.

The Result

Since the new website launched, our client has attracted the attention of NIH and the Abel Foundation, both of which have provided research grants to this fledgling startup. They recently graduated from the incubator program and have relocated to a trendy office in Baltimore’s Locust Point neighborhood. They expect to bring their retinal imager to market in the near future.

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