Startup Directory Case Study

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Project Description

The Brief

Startup-Directory-BenefitsGerard Eldering had his eyes on the leading edge of innovation and was a successful entrepreneur in the technology startup space long before we met him. He is a nationally recognized authority on technology transfer venture creation. He came to us with a business plan to compile a database of early-stage technology startups that he could sell to venture capitalists and others who required accurate, detailed information for deal flow, market research, acquisition targeting and investment analysis. He recognized that early-stage startups often don’t show up in traditional venture databases for quite some time, especially if they’re operating in stealth mode, and proposed to use his own sources to identify, vet and track these startups.

Before we met him, Gerard had a bad experience with a web developer who built a website from scratch that never worked the way he wanted it to. He then built a WordPress site on his own, and hired another developer to code the database portion of the website.

Our Approach

Gerard initially hired us as WordPress consultants to help him with a small list of technical tasks. As his trust in us developed he gave us more work. We consulted on the selection of a URL ( and did keyword research for the site’s content.

He has since developed an offshoot of the original Startup.Directory for which we built a website using the same theme, consulted on database configuration (the two sites share a database) and developed a way for only certain organizations to have access to the site.

We also developed a proof-of-concept website for a new business venture using off-the-shelf software. That site was able to accomplish all of Gerard’s goals and he is seeking investors.

The Result

Startup Directory’s analysts now monitor research sources and startups on a daily basis to give subscribers up-to-date information on more than 3,700 tech startups. They keep tabs on more than 350 colleges and universities and furnish innovation intel to hundreds of members. This website is now recognized as a premiere catalyst for university technology commercialization.

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