Nerd Trips Case Study

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Project Description

The Brief

Nerdtrips-secondaryFrom the onset, this project was interesting and exciting. A blogger who describes herself as a “nerd” was writing a blog hosted on about her travels to historic places, especially locations that were associated with U.S. presidents. She asked us to help her move her blog from to a self-hosted site where she would have much greater control over the website.

Our Approach

As part of the site migration we customized a WordPress theme so that it would be unique and compelling. It featured an impressive mural, supplied by the client, of some of the more significant locations that she visited. We also added a dynamic map to her blog posts so that visitors can zoom in and out to view various locations that the author visited. An important part of our engagement included installing and configuring SEO software and teaching her about SEO and how to optimize her posts with appropriate metadata entries.

The Result

Nerd Trips is building a following among presidential and history buffs. The blog’s owner is getting closer to her dream of creating a syndicated TV show on historical travel. Nerd Trips is now a contributor to Google’s Field Trip app. Other Field Trip partners range from restaurant bloggers to the Food Network, Travel Channel and Zagat’s – that’s some amazing company to be in!

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