Orthopedic surgeon launches new website with mega menus to make practice more efficient

Brad Carofino, MD, a successful orthopedic surgeon in the South Hampton Roads region of Virginia, launched a new website today intended to improve communication with patients and fellow physicians.

Although Carofino is in a group practice that has a website, he chose to build a personal site to better meet his patients’ needs and expand his practice. The website will serve as a repository for biographical information about Dr. Carofino, resources for patients and an archive for anonymized case studies. It will also help brand Carofino as the Virginia Beach shoulder expert.

“We’re particularly proud of this website,” said Lynne D’Autrechy, president of Buzzquake Marketing, an Ellicott City, Maryland, digital marketing firm that Carofino hired to build his new site. “It has a beautiful, semi-custom layout with a very pleasing color palette, and we were able to preserve the integrity of the design in all viewports, from desktop monitor size all the way down to iPhone 5.”

Mega Menus

Buzzquake implemented mega menus to simplify navigation on the site.

“Using mega menus allowed us to include dozens of pages in a relatively flat menu structure. We think it’s great that so many pre- and post-surgical protocols were included on this website. And that users can find the information they seek quickly without a lot of clicks. It will make disseminating critical information to patients much easier,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake. Buzzquake used mega menus which allowed us to include dozens of pages in a relatively flat menu hierarchy. Click To Tweet

mega menus


Buzzquake and Dr. Carofino’s staff worked well on the project, according to all involved.

“Dr. Carofino’s athletic trainer, Brice Snyder, was the quintessential client,” said Hazzard. “He was great to work with and gave us content faster than we could deal with it – that’s a rare and much-appreciated thing in our line of work!”

You guys definitely know what you’re doing. The end product speaks for itself. It’s a great website.

Brice Snyder, MSAT, ATC, OTC, Athletic Trainer for Dr. Brad Carofino
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