NPFM to update its website with an eye to growth and customer support

Matthew Dapolito, president of Non-Profit Fiscal Management, LLC, today announced that his company has retained Buzzquake Marketing, LLC to update the firm’s website and social media channels.

“Our corporate brand is strong, but we’re not developing as much business via the web as we could be,” said Dapolito during an interview in his Manhattan office. “We also want to use our communications networks to better support our clients.”

“This is important for NPFM because it demonstrates our commitment to finding new growth opportunities,” said Staci Greene, CPA, who will serve as NPFM’s lead on the project.

A contract with Buzzquake of Ellicott City, Maryland, calls for a website design in keeping with the company’s established branding. New functionality will improve SEO (search engine optimization) and partially automate social media posts, among other things. A 60-day performance period is specified. The cost was not publicly disclosed.

“We’re excited about working with Buzzquake because this will be our first attempt at building out a website to market and attract clients to our growing company, and we are confident that Buzzquake will be a great partner as we navigate this new endeavor,” said Greene.

“It’s a pleasure to work for a client that already has so much going for it in terms of marketing. A great brand starts with a great logo, tag line and domain name. NFPM has all of those boxes checked,” said Frank Hazzard, content strategist for Buzzquake.

The site will feature case studies on how NPFM helped its customers, according to Dapolito.

“This is my favorite form of writing and it makes for very compelling content,” said Hazzard. “Plus, it will help NPFM’s clients in terms of organic ranking.”

“My vision for this project is to set NPFM apart from its competitors so that non-profit clients looking for a financial business partner will find us,” said Greene.

“I think websites have moved past the point where they existed primarily to give firms like ours credibility. Business leaders now expect ROI from dollars invested in Internet marketing,” said Dapolito.

“The key to making the web pay dividends is posting original content after a site is launched,” said Hazzard. “We have a few devices to help automate the process, but they won’t fully replace writing fresh material on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean people have to start from scratch, however. I ask clients to think about what they can repurpose as web content.”

“Frank taught us to think differently. Whenever I answer a technical question or research something, I am now in the habit of considering whether it should be posted on the website,” said Dapolito.

“Perfect!” said Hazzard.

NPFM helps small-to-medium non-profits successfully tackle common accounting challenges and implement best practices and procedures that help promote steady, sustainable growth. NPFM’s highly personalized, cost-effective approach gives clients access to CFO-level expertise and sophisticated financial systems tailored to meet their specific needs.

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