New Noovis website designed to increase brand awareness and technology acceptance

A recently completed website project was a familiar scenario for /buzzquake, an Ellicott City, Maryland, digital marketing firm tasked with building awareness for Noovis, a newly launched LAN integrator that specialized in fiber optics.

“They needed a website to increase brand awareness and push their capabilities out to prospects,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake.  “They also sought help with better acquainting people with their technology.”

Those are not unusual requirements.  Start-ups typically want to build a presence in the marketplace and they often tout new technology.

“This job was a little different, though, because fiber optic technology has been around for decades.  Noovis was trying to fast-track acceptance.  To meet those needs, we edited the site’s content to make it more compelling and dialed up the SEO,” said Hazzard.

Mike Watts, vice president of Noovis, spends much of his time proposing, designing and installing gigabit passive optical network (GPON) solutions for within and between buildings on campuses of various sorts, like universities, hospitals and retirement communities.

“We’ve been fighting for eight years to get industry acceptance of enterprise PON.  It’s finally happening,” said Watts.

Historically, campus networks were not designed to handle a burgeoning mobile workforce and content-rich applications, including HD video, according to Watts.

“All too often legacy copper networks are data chokepoints.  We use fiber optic cables in place of copper to clear the chokepoints throughout a campus.  Fiber also saves electricity, improves data security and reduces building space requirements for electronics,” said Watts.

“We delivered an optimized, well-built WordPress website that serves as a platform to promote the Noovis team’s renowned industry expertise, the superiority of their technology and their strong foundation of successes in multiple markets – federal, state and commercial,” explained Hazzard.

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