Must-see video — a ‘zoomable’ paper map

zoom-mapWe think it’s safe to say that most people assumed that all possible significant improvements to paper maps had already been made.  Think again!  Map2 is a zoomable map on paper! It uses nothing but folding and carefully-considered printing to achieve its killer app.

Map2 is a pocket-size map which allows you to quickly find your way without wrestling with a king-sized sheet of paper.

Typically users unfold a standard map and then refold it so that an area of interest remains visible.  Map2 eliminates a step.  In a single folding action, chosen parts of a smaller scale map can be expanded to give an enlarged and more detailed view of a specific area.

Plus, when the map is folded to its minimum (pocket) size, the sections facing outward can still be quickly unfolded and refolded, allowing immediate magnification or miniaturization, and since the map can be folded to keep any two sections showing on the outside, you can keep pertinent sections handy for quick consultation.

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