Modest surgeon found patients’ praise a palatable way to promote his practice

Website by Buzzquake MarketingIt took some doing, but Andrew Wolff’s staff eventually convinced him that he needed a website befitting a world-renowned hip surgeon.  Although he knew that his existing site was stale, and, worse yet, contained inaccurate information, he was apprehensive.

“Dr. Wolff is very humble by nature,” said Alex Napoli, a PA student who works part-time in Wolff’s three DC-area offices.  “Self-promotion isn’t exactly his strong suit.  We finally convinced him that if he didn’t tell people at least a little about himself they would never know.”

Napoli headed an effort to create a new website for Wolff that would better communicate his capabilities to prospective patients suffering with sports-related hip injuries.  Buzzquake Marketing, an Ellicott City, Maryland, web development company, was hired to assist her.

“This isn’t an unusual scenario,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist for Buzzquake. “There is a fine line between informing people about your abilities and boasting.  Often truly talented people are reluctant to tout their strengths.  I would put Dr. Wolff in that category.”

The solution? Let his patients speak for him.

Case Studies

“We decided to include case studies that were essentially first-person testimonials that included an overview of the pertinent medical history,” explained Napoli.  “This was a balanced way to present Dr. Wolff’s expertise without sounding like we were bragging.”

“I’m pleased with the final result,” said Wolff from the lobby of Sibley Memorial Hospital, one of several facilities where he performs arthroscopic hip surgeries.  “Alex and the folks at Buzzquake did a nice job.  I like the look and the messaging.”

Access to Information and Resources

“The new site also provides a lot of resources for new and established patients that will promote their recovery,” said Napoli.  “I think we included more than 40 videos on various topics including physical therapy protocols.”

“By posting information on a website that patients frequently request, we can save everyone’s time – patients and office staff.  Websites are a form of mass media.  We like to leverage a site’s potential for automating the rapid dissemination of information.  It saves a lot of unnecessary phone calls,” said Hazzard.


“We spent a lot of time discussing and refining the way the website’s content would be structured.  We wanted to keep it simple and intuitive for first-time visitors.  The Buzzquake folks were helpful when it came to this because they saw our content with fresh eyes and gave us unvarnished feedback,” said Napoli.

“If a first-time visitor can’t make sense of your site and its menus in about five seconds, then you need to rethink your architecture,” said Hazzard.  “We have to dole out tough love sometimes.  Not so much in this case, though.”

“There was a lot more to building a website than I initially thought,” admitted Napoli.  “A website is a big project.  But when you get it right, it’s a powerful tool that can really improve every aspect of how a medical practice operates.  I dare say we got it right.”

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