MJSGrace embarks on effort to improve external corporate communication

MJSGrace, Inc. today announced an initiative to improve communication with current and future clients.

“We are evaluating our external communications on several fronts,” said Brian Johnson, president of MJSGrace. “We want to optimize our efforts to better serve our customers and foster growth.”

Over the next several months, the company’s website and social media will be assessed and improvements will be implemented, according to Johnson.

“Employee awareness and training are important aspects of this effort. We can do better and we will,” said Johnson.

Buzzquake Marketing, an Ellicott City, Maryland, web design and development firm, has been retained to spearhead the project.

“We’re committing time and financial resources to this initiative,” said Johnson. “We chose to engage professionals who can help us fulfill our vision for improved customer relationships.”

“MJSGrace is typical of most professional services companies,” said Frank Hazzard, content strategist for Buzzquake. “They have great instincts about what and what not to do; they just need a little affirmation, guidance and technical expertise to bring it all together.”

“Our agreement with Buzzquake includes training. We chose them because they believe in enabling self-sufficiency among their clients, which is an MJSGrace core value,” said Johnson.

“True,” said Hazzard. “We do share a philosophy with MJSGrace. There are a lot of web marketing companies that conspire to keep their clients forever dependent. That’s not how we do business. We believe teaching our customers enough to foster some independence will also foster some loyalty and respect and a healthier long-term relationship.”

The specific terms of the contract were not disclosed.

MJSGrace, Inc. is a Maryland-based consulting and software development company functioning primarily in the healthcare, forensics, financial and corporate operations sectors. It specializes in analysis that provides leaders with the critical information necessary to make good decisions.

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