Life after federal contracting

handcuffsThis is just a quick note to inform my former colleagues that there is life after federal contracting!

About seven years ago I quit my job as the CMO of a federal event planning company and took the entrepreneurial plunge, launching /buzzquake, which provides myriad marketing services, including graphic design for web and print, direct mail, promotions, branding, public relations, etc.

Although I didn’t hate my job–in fact, I loved the creative outlet and comfortable income that it provided–I yearned to be my own man.  I wanted to build something of my own and to directly benefit from my efforts.

I am very proud to report that things are going well.  The Great Recession provided some trying times, but since the darkest days things have greatly improved.  Eighteen months ago, I sold 51 percent of /buzzquake to my business partner, Lynne, and gained much more than I paid.  She has been the perfect collaborator for me.

My personal expertise is copywriting and editing.  I wrote the content for almost everything that my former employer produced, internally and externally.  Now I write for dozens of clients.

Recently, writing has become among the lowest paid professions.  Writers continue to struggle to make a living.  I realized I needed to do something to improve my chances of survival.

In the past few years I became a student of SEO and learned as much about web content as I could.  I’m still far from an expert (beware anyone who claims to be an SEO expert), but I have learned enough that I can improve my clients’ organic rankings.  The latest Google algorithm changes have been a boon to us writers.  Finally, well-written, original content is what matters most!  

Although not every moment has been fun and I have been tested in ways that I could not have imagined before I went into business for myself, the point is that I’m glad I made the move.  Federal contracting can be a stifling environment.  The up side is that you get paid top dollar for the services you provide.  The down side is that the sales cycle is oppressively long and the bureaucratic hoops are close to infinite in number.  I am so glad I shed those shackles!  

So, just a quick note to say I am honored to be out here with you.  If you have a project that requires writing, web development, programming, PR or graphic design, I would appreciate being given a chance to compete for your business.  Meanwhile, if you would shoot me a spark and tell me what your primary capabilities are, I would be happy to refer appropriate business to you.

Good luck in the New Year.  I look forward to our future collaboration!


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