Inbound links still matter when it comes to local SEO

inbound linksAlthough high-quality inbound links to your domain don’t matter as much since Google switched to its Hummingbird algorithm, they are still important for local SEO.

You might want to rate your domain’s inbound links.  The best tool we’ve found for testing inbound links is Open Site Explorer by Moz.

We ran the test on a client’s website with these results:

Domain Authority:  27/100.  This measure predicts this domain’s ranking potential in the search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics.

Page Authority:  39/100.  A prediction of the page’s ranking potential in the search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics.

Just-Discovered Page Links:  61.  Number of links to this page found over the past 60 days, indexed within an hour of being clicked on Bitly.

Root Domains:  55.  The number of unique root domains (e.g., * containing at least one linking page to this URL.

Total Links:  2,029.  All links to this page, including internal, external, followed, and not followed.

Although our client’s domain and page authorities were not as high as she would like them to be, we plan to work on improving them over the next few months.  The good news is these authorities are gauged on 100-point logarithmic scales, so moving them from 27 and 39 to, say 60, should be easier than moving them from 60 to 80 would be.

Quality Inbound Links

SEO in general, and local SEO in particular, can be affected by inbound links.  When it comes to links, quality and quantity are both important, although if you were forced to choose one over the other, go for quality.

What makes for a quality inbound link?  In a word, “Authority.”

Put simply, authority runs in web circles sort of like the way popularity runs in middle school cliques.  The more traffic and comments and social media mentions and inbound links from respected sites a site has, the more relevant it is deemed to be by Google.  With relevance, comes authority.  And with authority comes the ability to increase domain and page authority of other sites (through links to them).

Put another way, if you could manage one link to your website from a highly relevant site such as, it would do more for your authority and SEO than any other single experience.

Why not run your site through the test?  If you do, please let us know how it rated.  Good luck!

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