ICP+P’s new website intended to promote community and increase nonprofit organization’s efficiency

The Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (ICP+P), a nonprofit membership organization based in Washington, DC, recently launched a new website to support its mission of creating an open, welcoming community for professionals of all mental health disciplines, grounded in the study of self psychology, relational and other contemporary psychodynamic models.

The website was designed, ultimately, to improve people’s lives through the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and specifically to support ICP+P’s members as well as external stakeholders.

At the same time, the website was designed to acquaint prospective new members with the organization and serve as a landing place for members of the larger community seeking to interact with ICP+P.

“We worked with ICP+P to restructure their web content and make better use of the content organization inherent in WordPress,” said Lynne D’Autrechy, Buzzquake’s president and technical lead. “We also developed numerous forms, including some with payment processing, and found membership software that was well-suited to their needs. It automated a lot of the workflow that had been done manually before and included a customized database, directory search capability, event registration, and membership registration and renewal.”

The nonprofit currently has more than 200 members.

“An aspect of fostering community involved automating membership renewals and registrations for the numerous study groups, training programs, short courses and cutting-edge conferences that ICP+P was well-known for,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland, tasked with designing and building the website. “In terms of content there were some challenges. ICP+P offers at least four conferences and dozens of other programs each year. In order to teach across multiple modalities, they distribute presenters’ papers prior to the meeting dates, track continuing education credits, and process registrations and payments, and all of this activity had to be supported by the site’s information architecture.”

“The new website was an investment that will dramatically increase their administrative and logistical efficiency, and will let them focus on much more important things,” said D’Autrechy.

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