How to establish your company as a federal contractor

establishing your company as a federal contractorWe were recently contacted by a larger web development company that was bidding on a federal contract and wanted us to team with it.  We were a good fit for most of the requirements that the would-be prime wanted to sub out to us, but there was a piece that we weren’t right for. We told the prime that we knew another sole practitioner who would be a good fit, and asked the prime if it wanted us to reach out to our guy. The prime said yes.

Unfortunately, the person we had in mind was a perfect candidate for the piece of the work that we were hoping to piece together, but he he had not established himself as a federal contractor and therefore couldn’t join our team.

Establish Your Company as a Federal Contractor

We encourage all companies to take the time to establish themselves as federal contractors.  Why not?  You never know when a opportunity will fall in your lap and you should be ready to take advantage of it when it does.

Here is the basic process for establishing your company as a federal contractor so that you will be eligible to do business with the government:

1. Obtain an EIN number for your business, if you haven’t already. (
2. Obtain a D-U-N-S number for your business at
3. Obtain a CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity Code) from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
4. Go to (SAM – System for Award Management) and start the registration process. You will need to choose the NAICS numbers that are relevant for your business.  (

In checking these links, we found this article which we found most helpful:

Best of luck with establishing your company as a federal contractor and finding new business wherever it may come from!

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