Frequently asked questions

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We have four main service areas:

We don’t publish our prices, but we would be happy to give you a price range for a typical website by phone or email if you contact us.
Although we don’t work with social media per se, we often configure our clients’ website so that social shares of their website data will be in a format preferred by Facebook and Twitter. We can also set up your website so that it will automatically post new website content to your social media pages and feeds.
Yes, we often facilitate discovery/content workshops designed to help our new clients determine what their website goals should be.  The discovery process helps organizations structure their websites, including menus, so that visitors can navigate them easily.
Some people view their websites as electronic brochures.  They don’t expect to get any sales from them and their expectations are usually met! It seems like a shame to us to spend the money required to make a website look good and not take the extra steps to receive a return on investment. We teach our clients to expect their websites to drive sales and generate new business.
It depends on the project.  Sometimes our client will furnish all of the content.  Some customers ask us to produce the content and they review it before the site is launched.  Most of the time content is written, edited and organized in a collaborative effort.
Yes.  We are frequently called on to provide expertise and guidance to DIY web developers and we are very comfortable with working that way.
Fill in this form and submit it.  If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.
Normally on the same day. At most, 24 hours later.


There are number of compelling reasons why all of your content should appear on your website first.  We tell folks to post content on their sites and then share snippets of it through email and social media with links back to the full posts.  This will drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO.
Content is king!  The best way to increase your site’s search rankings is to add new content to your website on a regular basis.  If you are contemplating creating a new website you need a plan for how you plan to add content to it moving forward.
Clients can provide them, or, with client permission, we will source them for a client.
Yes.  We charge an hourly rate billed to the minute for content changes.  Contact us for more specific information.
We do not provide web hosting services, but we recommend WordPress hosting from SiteGround.  We ask our clients to purchase web hosting on their own and then provide us with the relevant information.
Yes and no.  We help companies perform domain name searches and advise them on which domain names would be best.  We generally do not design logos or otherwise brand companies.  There are a number of websites that do logo design work for very low costs.  Contact us for more specific information.
Yes.  We can try a number of things including a change in hosting, caching software and image compression.
Email provides the highest ROI of all marketing.  After a website, it is the most important form of marketing for most organizations.  And yet, most organizations don’t do it very well.  We will set up an inexpensive, easy-to-use email system that will automate email list maintenance and other functions that can be otherwise cumbersome and time consuming.
We will set up Google Analytics (a free service) for your website and help you interpret the data.  We will also help you set up business goals so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your website and use data to make decisions aimed at improving your site’s (and organization’s) performance.

Yes, we support our customers in two ways after their websites go live.  We often add/update content and we offer a Buzzquake Care Plan.