Four gadgets for keeping your blog fresh

Got GadgetsWe are proud that a significant number of our clients are blogging and their analytics are showing improved traffic. In fact, one client’s traffic increased by 164% over 4 months and 760% over 12 months. For another, engagement and comments are up and bounce is down by 8.9% over 12 months, according to Google Analytics.

Inevitably, however, bloggers plateau. They run out of ideas, their writing starts to sound repetitive, and diminished passion for writing comes through in their posts. If you’re in this situation, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we can’t really help you enjoy writing. We can write for you, but that’s another topic.

The good news is that we have some tricks to make your blog more engaging without writing. Although we don’t recommend replacing good content with gimmicks, we see nothing wrong with spicing things up a bit.

Keeping your blog fresh

  1. Add a countdown timer. Show the number of days/hours/min until your next meeting, webinar, trade show appearance, speaking engagement, book signing or whatever event you can highlight. Go to to see one we recently installed for a client.
  2. Allow people to rate posts. There’s a widget that allows people to rate posts from 1-5 stars.
  3. Polling. There are multiple polling plugins that allow you to pose a question to your readers and see how they respond. This tends to get people engaged.
  4. Add an alert/notification bar. We put up one of these on our website from time to time. It’s attention grabbing and good for a reminder, special offer, new flash, etc. The one we use is totally configurable: color, social media sharing, location, etc.

We know that keeping your blog fresh requires work.  Add some gadgets to spice things up but stay the course with writing.  You will reap rewards with time.

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