For hundreds of thousands of Americans, tall ships are synonymous with summer

shipAt /buzzquake, we feel the pride that Pride of Baltimore II, our tall ship, fosters for our city as it calls on ports around the globe.

— CNN Travel —

The age of sailing ships may be over, but the romance and adventure they inspired still blows our hair back.

This summer, majestic, one-of-a-kind tall ships may be coming to a city near you with their sails unfurled. In the Great Lakes, captains will repeat a waterborne war that hasn’t been seen in 200 years. In Miami, a spectacular Spanish vessel will join a 500th birthday celebration. And the West Coast’s largest tall ship festival promises a party for 200,000 visitors.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the tall ships.

These boats are run by fearless sailors who sprint hand over hand up masts that stretch 100 feet into the air. While the ship rolls and pitches with the wind and waves, the crew members work in unison to unfurl massive sails measuring 45 feet wide. In a stiff wind, these sails can pull a 400-ton ship across the water at 20 mph.

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