The entrepreneurs’ allure

E2E13 infographicWe’re slotted to exhibit at the third annual Entrepreneur Expo, “E2E: Entrepreneurs Inspiring Entrepreneurs” on Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, in Linthicum Heights, Md.

We admit that we’re not exactly sure why we decided to exhibit at this event.  Let’s just say it appealed to us on the gut level.

Most people identify with the notion of getting inspiration from entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are viewed by many as the embodiment of American greatness.  In fact, we Americans are so enamored with the allure of small businesses that we tend to give entrepreneurs more credit  for creating jobs and growing the economy than they probably deserve.

But don’t confuse us with the facts.  We love the entrepreneurial spirit that has yielded some of the greatest companies the world has known.  Nevermind the failures.  Count us among the entrepreneurs.  We can’t wait to meet our peeps in Linthicum Heights next week.  Can there ever be too many dorm-room startups?

See event’s infographic

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