Email edges out social media for marketing ROI

emailAlthough both have proven effective in specific circumstances, evidence shows that on the whole email edges out social media for marketing ROI.

Say it ain’t so!  Do you know how many marketing “experts” have a vested interest in subverting this fact?  For at least five years we’ve heard over and over that social media has a huge potential to increase brand awareness, customer engagement and sales.  The truth is, however, that email does all three better.  A recent study by Custora showed that customer acquisition via email quadrupled over the past four years, far outpacing any other means*, including social media.

Why?  It has to do with the nature and level of engagement that email fosters.  It tends to be more personal, business-like and transactional than social media.  Plus, to be honest, it’s largely a numbers game.  In spite of incredible growth among the most popular social media, the fact remains that three times the number people have email accounts than Facebook’s and Twitter’s combined membership.

Smart money

Social media and email offer too many opportunities to neglect either.  This is not a case of choosing one over the other—we have to pay attention to and harness the potential of both.

The takeaway is “Don’t let anyone talk you into abandoning email marketing in favor of a social-media-only strategy.  AND although email is better than social media for marketing, social media offers enough promise that no one can afford to dismiss it either.”

*Organic search

Under the heading of full disclosure, it’s important to note that although growth in customer acquisition via email outpaced social media and organic search, organic search (Google, Bing) still outperforms email in terms of absolute numbers. With that in mind, it is imperative that business developers focus on optimizing their websites for search by regularly writing and posting original content complete with metadata (on all pages, posts and images).

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