CRO-vs-SEOIf you’re a typical Buzzquake prospective client, you’ve heard of SEO (search engine optimization) but not CRO (conversion rate optimization).


SEO is the science of fine-tuning a website to attract more visitors (increase traffic) through Google, Yahoo and Bing, et al.

CRO speaks to enticing visitors to take a specific action that will benefit the website’s owner, such as enrolling, buying, joining, subscribing, donating, etc.

“So which is more important?” our prospects often ask.

“Both,” we say.  Clearly it is prudent to focus on SEO and CRO, and we do. You can’t get conversions if you don’t have any traffic to convert.  And if a visitor leaves a site before taking the desired action, an opportunity is squandered.

Buzzquake has a proven history of helping clients grow their businesses via a combination of SEO and CRO.

Although benefits may be derived from visitors who don’t convert, conversion remains the ultimate objective.  Visitors might be good for your ego, but conversion is good for your wallet.

Benefits of CRO

  • CRO offers great potential for differentiation and competitive advantages because most web designers/developers don’t understand it as well as SEO
  • CRO lends itself more readily to testing.  If we have two ideas for increasing conversion, we will run an “A/B split” test to see which one does better.  If B outperforms A, we’ll scrap A, come up with another scheme (“C”), and then split test B and C.  We’ll continue to test iteratively until performance objectives are met.
  • CRO leverages SEO for the site’s owner’s benefit.  Without solid conversion mechanisms, any effort spent on increasing traffic may be wasted.

We know a few tricks that can be easily implemented to increase conversion.  Beyond that, Buzzquake can monitor which headlines, images and content help the most, and make adjustments on the fly.

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