CMOs will soon spend more on technology than CTOs

CMOA recent study by Gartner, Inc. confirms a trend we at /buzzquake have noticed – spending on technology by marketing executives seems to be increasing.  In fact, the Gartner study shows that if spending on tech by CMOs (chief marketing officers) continues on its current trend, they will spend more on technology by 2017 than CTOs (chief technology officers).

Much of that money will be spent on mobile websites and apps, automation software, CRM software, producing and promoting content and developing and mining social media channels, according to Gartner.

Evolution of hardware and SEO

This reallocation of marketing dollars appears to be in keeping with two other paradigm shifts.  We are in the midst of a move toward a cloud-plus-mobile world, according to Aaron Levie, CEO of the billion-dollar cloud-computing company, Box.

“There are phases in technology,” said Levie, who was recently named Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.  “Mainframe to PC, PC to cloud, to cloud and mobile. These things come around every 10 to 15 years, and we’re in one right now.”

At the same time, the marketing world is reacting to the demands that Google’s new search algorithm, Hummingbird, placed on content.  After a decade of relative SEO stability, Google quietly yet radically reordered search priorities by placing a much higher value on original content.  In fact, we online marketing providers have all but given up on gaming search with keywords and are now advising our clients to write original content that will appeal to humans (or to hire someone who can do it for them).

Implementable advice

To be honest, keeping pace with changes in delivery platforms and content strategy will take time and money.  Most of /buzzquake’s customers will need to focus more resources on marketing to maintain their market shares and assure growth.  The good news is that cloud-plus-mobile functionality will prove superior in terms of reliability and utility.  And those with genuine expertise will likely gain recognition for and benefit from their knowledge.

We are advising /buzzquake customers to:
1)      Establish a mobile-ready web presence as soon as possible.  Mobile is clearly the future.  In fact, it’s the present, according to a study published by Pew in Sept.  No one can afford to neglect mobile users’ experiences any longer.
2)      Start writing and publishing content on your website and then push it out in moderation via social media. Although writing might seem daunting, you can begin by recycling email messages written for other purposes.

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