Cathie Perolman Educational Materials launches new website, extends reach to new markets

Buzzquake Marketing, an Ellicott City web design company, recently launched a new website that it developed for Cathie Perolman Educational Materials.

“It is fabulous!” said Cathie Perolman, a reading specialist, educator, author and consultant who sells educational materials she developed through the website. “It really tells what I am all about and showcases my work.  Many, many thanks for the wonderful job!”

The new site represents the culmination of several months’ work. From the outset, the two organizations had a vision for a web presence that conveyed Perolman’s strong focus on quality products, according to Lynne D’Autrechy, president and technical lead for /buzzquake.

The ecommerce website increases the availability of teaching materials from an experienced educator, according to D’Autrechy. “The programs are already in use in more than 90 locations.”

“I’m pleased and proud of this site. Web designers tend to like all of their sites, but some, like this one, are special,” said Frank Hazzard, content strategist for /buzzquake. “You have to admit it’s attractive. And there are just as many great behind-the-scenes attributes that make it work well.”

Cathie Perolman plans to add downloadable products to the website in the near future, according to Perolman.

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