Buzzquake’s qualities


We promise that we won’t flood you with email.  We believe in quality over quantity.  Our job is to provide valuable information, ideas and strategies that will make you successful. We can’t afford to get blocked because our content is lacking.

Word Count

Few things are worse than 50 words in place of 2.  We’ll keep it short.  Promise.

Superiority Complex

We can’t stand technical people who throw jargon around to impress others.  Or, what’s worse, to make laypeople feel inferior.  We promise to stick to plain language that makes sense to real people.


Your money is as important to us as ours is.  If there’s a $75 fix that will solve your problem, we won’t trick you into buying the $500 fix.  That would be unethical.

Thank You

To this day, even after many years and thousands of email subscribers, every time someone subscribes we are humbled and grateful.  Your interest in us is deeply appreciated and will never be taken for granted.

Two-Way Communication

Please tell us what you like, don’t like and would like to hear more of.

-Lynne, Frank and the /buzzquake team

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