/buzzquake’s logo gets slashed during company’s rebranding

Shortly after Lynne D’Autrechy joined /buzzquake as the new majority owner and president, she decided that the company needed a new logo.

“I fully supported the idea,” said Frank Hazzard, who served as /buzzquake’s president until D’Autrechy took over on July 1.  Hazzard, now in charge of marketing and communications, was part of a committee that came up with the company’s first logo.  “The old logo served us well for many years, but rebranding is an important catalyst in a company’s evolution.  This was the right thing at the right time,” he said.

“It was a process,” said D’Autrechy.

The legacy logo was black and orange and featured a logofont with a swish under it.  The B and Q in /buzzquake were capitalized.  The new logo is all lowercase although buzz and quake are in separate colors – blue and green.

“I like the font that we chose,” said D’Autrechy.  “It’s more in keeping with our artistic and technical capabilities.  If you’ll notice, the B and Q are essentially the same character, only inverted.”

“The font and colors were quick and painless compared to the icon,” said Hazzard.

“Yes; we wrestled with an icon for quite a while,” added D’Autrechy.

“We tried balls, lines, curly-cues, boxes, shadows, shading – animals,” said Hazzard.

“Animals?  No we didn’t!” said D’Autrechy.

“Oh,” replied Hazzard, with mock confusion.

“Anyway,” continued D’Autrechy, while glancing at Hazzard, “Frank suggested a slash before the name and the rest of us immediately liked it.  It makes a lot of sense given our core business of digital marketing.  Plus it’s simple and effective – hallmarks of a good logo.”

“I was so proud of myself that I took the rest of the day off,” said Hazzard.

The choice of the slash logo wasn’t based strictly on appearance, according to D’Autrechy.  “There was some strategic planning involved, too.  Non-letter characters, like our slash, come before ‘A’ alphabetically.  This means we’re usually first in listings.”  

“So that was it.  It was unanimous.  An all lowercase name in our new colors with a slash before it.  With that settled, we could get started on our website overhaul, but that’s another story,” said D’Autrechy, rolling her eyes.

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