/buzzquake’s latest project hawks big snow blowers  

“I think the first thing out of Grove’s mouth was ‘We need a new website to help reach folks who rent big snow blowers,’” recalled Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland.  “Now there’s a phone call you don’t get every day.”

“We provide a comprehensive solution to an all-too-common problem,” said Grove Teates, president of Alpine Services, Inc. “When it snows, plow trains do a good job of pushing snow to the right-hand shoulders of roads, but moving it off the shoulders and away from other drop points often proves difficult.  That’s where we come in.  Our big snow blowers can hurl snow up to 200 feet.”

“Who knew?” said Hazzard with a hint of sarcasm and a smile.  “My first vision was of walk-behind residential machines that you see at Home Depot; I wasn’t picturing massive, all-wheel-drive trucks with two Detroit Diesel engines.  The great thing about our business is that we get to be students of a new industry with just about every project.”

The challenge from a marketing perspective was how to target the small number of people who have the authority to contract for the expensive equipment that Alpine Services furnishes to state and municipal governments.  Hazzard and his colleagues suggested a multi-pronged solution.

Banner Ads

Alpine hired another vendor to create and strategically place banner ads where the target audience would see them and, hopefully, be enticed to click on them.

“That’s where we took over,” said Hazzard.  “As part of the website overhaul, we developed a strong landing page designed to encourage prospects to take a prescribed action – in this case, call Alpine for pricing and more information.”

Buzzquake and Alpine first thought about the questions that prospects might have. They then narrowed the list to the most compelling question – what does it cost?  At the same time, they listed the benefits of renting big snow blowers.

“We also worked with our client to punch up the site’s content to improve organic search results,” said Hazzard.  “We increased content volume, optimized writing and did the behind-the-scenes metadata work that pays SEO dividends.”

“And,” continued Hazzard, “We leveraged email to send targeted messages to highway officials with purchase authority.”

Before it Snowed

“This project had a short fuse,” recalled Hazzard.  “We worked hard to build a comprehensive website that featured three distinct service areas in the span of six weeks.”

Alpine also provides athletic field construction and field and beach screening services.  The new website, built on WordPress, profiles all three offerings.

“It was critical to get the new site launched and indexed before the snow season,” said Teates.  “These things always take longer than you think they should, but I have to hand it to Buzzquake; they did a lot of important work in a hurry.  Now if we can get a little cooperation from Mother Nature and the marketing works, we’ll be blowing some snow real soon.”

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