Buzzquake is credited with helping a successful Fortune 15 executive reach her audience

To be fair, Karin Hurt did most of the heavy lifting required to make her blog, Let’s Grow Leaders, successful – she wrote great content.  It didn’t hurt that her passion for her topic and the credibility derived from many years of valuable corporate experience came through in her writing.

In spite of great content, however, she lacked readers in significant numbers.

“The operational objective was to expand Karin’s small, devout following into a legion,” said Lynne D’Autrechy, president of Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland.

“Although it was about attracting more eyeballs, it was also about finding an audience that would engage, leave comments and ultimately share Karin’s content with others,” added Frank Hazzard, a content strategist for Buzzquake.

Buzzquake’s first task was to tweak the visual presentation of Karin’s blog.

“It wasn’t like it was ugly,” said D’Autrechy.  “We mostly simplified the design to make the important elements more prominent.”

“After that, we spent some time fine-tuning her SEO strategy,” recalled Hazzard.  “She had a good working knowledge of SEO that we built on.  The goal, of course, was to maximize the potential of her posts to attract readers.  Her writing was fine; she just needed a little help getting indexed by Google.”

Buzzquake also added automated functionality to link to social media, increase conversion and decrease bounce, according to D’Autrechy.  Much of this was accomplished via WordPress plugins that Buzzquake installed and configured.

“In this instance, conversion was defined as subscribing to content and leaving comments,” said D’Autrechy.


Buzzquake’s work resulted in a 164% increase in traffic over 4 months and a 760% increase in traffic over 12 months.  In addition, engagement and comments are up and bounce is down by 8.9% over 12 months, according to Google Analytics.

“I’m not sure her following qualifies as a legion quite yet, but it’s headed that way,” said D’Autrechy.  “How big is a legion, anyway?”

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