Buzzquake is a natural selection

evolution_labelled_newAs it turns out, Darwinian Theory applies to web development, too. Not all web developers are created equal. There is a continuum of skill. The more highly evolved developers build effective websites that enable success, meaning prospects are moved to action, good things happen on a regular basis, and goals are attained in multiple, consecutive periods.

People hire Buzzquake because we possess the dominant traits that yield success. We expect our sites to provide a return on investment. We expect our sites to directly facilitate our client’s key performance objectives (sales, increased readership, etc.) And we meet those expectations.

If all one wants is a web presence, almost anyone can meet the need. If a site merely needs to be functional so that it doesn’t compromise an organization’s credibility, most developers can deliver that, too. If you want some zing or wow factor, many developers can achieve that (but this is where natural selection begins to cull the heard). If a site is expected to persuade visitors to do something, a website has to be compelling. Compelling websites require careful analysis, planning and skillful implementation – fewer than 20 percent of developers have the wherewithal to persuade.

Buzzquake is among the higher-order developers. We deliver effective sites that enable success. We apply the science of the industry to our tasks. The more you expect from your website, the more attractive Buzzquake’s expertise becomes.

Demand more. Dare to dream.

We’re up to the task.

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