Buzzquake employees attribute much of their success to a work environment punctuated by laughter

Laughing babies: the ancient practice of forcing strangers to look at pictures of your children basi“These people crack me up,” said Lynne D’Autrechy, owner and president of Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm in Ellicott City, Maryland.

“Me too,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake.  “Humor is our favorite medium.  It doesn’t always work in marketing, but when it does, comedy is among the most creative ways to deliver a message.“

“We use each other as sounding boards,” said Kyle Sutton, a web developer.

“Our company works because we have a genuine respect for each other’s abilities,” said Jeff Matthews, a graphic designer.

“She’s scary smart,” said Hazzard of D’Autrechy.  “Ivy League computer scientist, voracious reader, lifelong learner – the whole bit.”

“He has a brilliant mind, too,” D’Autrechy replied.

“Although I keep it under wraps,” said Hazzard, with a hint of sarcasm.

“Few people share Frank’s knack for the written word.  His copy dances,” said D’Autrechy.

“You did not just say dances!” Hazzard teased.

They laughed.

Typically, Hazzard generates ideas while D’Autrechy, Matthews and others give them life.

“That doesn’t mean they lack creativity,” said Sutton.

“I think we collaborate exceptionally well.  We exchange ideas and feed off each other’s suggestions.  A number of our clients have been impressed with our creative solutions to their business challenges,” said D’Autrechy.

“It’s nice because we see eye to eye on most things.  We have high standards and a strong work ethic and try to keep an open mind when it comes to concepting and strategy,” said Hazzard.

“In general, people like to work with us,” said Sutton.

“Except for that one pachyderm trainer in Sandusky,” Matthews corrected.

“Jeff! I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about that,” exclaimed D’Autrechy with mock disdain.

They laughed.

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