Buzzquake’s client, Mark Townsend of Tickets From The Past, featured in Sports Collectors Digest

We are proud to report that Mark Townsend, a long-time Buzzquake Client who owns Tickets From The Past, was recently featured in a Sports Collectors Digest article.

Tickets will get you into sporting events, and they can be worth money afterwards

By Greg Bates
Sports Collectors Digest

Mark Townsend used to own a card shop in Clarksville, Maryland. One day, a customer walked into the store to consign a 1968 World Series ticket along with a Ty Cobb autographed baseball.

One item really caught Townsend’s attention.

“I looked at the ticket and said, ‘Man, I like this ticket,’” Townsend said. “I ended up buying it from him. I ended up buying the Cobb ball, too, but that’s another story.”

As time passed, Townsend started picking up more vintage tickets. By 1992, Townsend sold his card shop and by the late 1990s he was heavy into collecting and selling old full tickets and stubs. He eventually opened up Tickets from the Past and now exclusively sells tickets from some of the top sporting and non-sporting events of all-time.

Collecting tickets has quickly become a favorite hobby as enthusiasts can obtain tangible artifacts of some of most memorable moments in sports history.

Why the surge lately in popularity?

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