Buzzquake asked to design a website that would promote Nexaware and its flagship product, E-Scale

Nexaware and E-ScaleJeff Segal, CEO of Nexaware, a startup technology firm based in Virginia, faced a common challenge. He was launching a new company and its first product, E-Scale, at the same time, and he needed to differentiate them on the company’s website so that they would have unique identities.

“I think we did a nice job of introducing visitors to Nexaware, a very promising young company, and E-Scale, our first product that came out of a University of Pittsburgh lab,” said Segal.

“We needed to position Nexaware as the premier provider of assistive devices that enable people with mobility impairments to live better lives. We also had to showcase E-Scale as a significant advancement for people who struggle with weighing themselves on conventional bathroom scales,” explained Hazzard.

The solution was a website with a dual focus.

“We dedicated one page exclusively to Our Scales and a section to Our Story,” said Hazzard. “I think we succeeded in conveying the desired messages.”

Long Pages

A second problem, less perplexing but just as common, concerned the website’s content architecture.

“Essentially, most websites have two options – you either create a lot of pages, each with a small volume of content, or you combine related bits of content on longer pages,” said Hazzard.

Segal chose long pages to present a more cohesive story and to minimize the number of clicks required to see related content. But he asked Buzzquake to include anchor links so that users could quickly navigate to specific sections on the long pages by clicking on submenu items.


The Nexaware website was built using the WordPress content management system and was launched on August 26.

“We strongly encourage our clients to be as independent as possible. WordPress is designed to allow folks to make changes to their sites without having to pay someone for every little thing,” said Hazzard.

“WordPress allowed us to reduce the time to market with the website, and it allowed enough flexibility to make changes without any impact to the rest of the site,” said Segal.

“We’re pleased with the results,” said Segal. “I really enjoyed working with Buzzquake.”

About Nexaware

Nexaware is dedicated to helping people with limited mobility live better lives. The company’s targeted monitoring products are designed to provide individuals, caregivers, and family members meaningful physiological data about their health and wellness. Nexaware’s flagship product, E-Scale, provides a unique solution for the mobility impaired to monitor weight easily and effectively, without any caregiver assistance.

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