/buzzquake approved as Maryland MEP third-party provider

/buzzquake was approved today as a third-party provider of professional marketing services by the Maryland MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership).

“We vet services vendors, like /buzzquake, in advance so that we can quickly connect manufacturers with third party providers that will accelerate their success,” said Brian Sweeney, executive director for Maryland MEP.

/buzzquake was added to the Maryland MEP database for web marketing, public relations and event promotions.

“We are very pleased to be part of their network of approved vendors,” said Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with /buzzquake.  “We believe in Maryland MEP’s mission and are honored to serve as a resource to the 3,500 manufacturing firms in Maryland.”

“The vetting process typically involves face-to-face meetings with the applicant company, a cursory review of prices and terms, and checking past performance and references,” said Sweeney.

Maryland MEP is an independent nonprofit funded in partnership through the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, the State of Maryland and industry to grow and strengthen Maryland manufacturing via high-quality consulting, training and peer programs, according to Sweeney.

“We see opportunities to help Maryland manufacturers with more sophisticated, ROI-focused marketing initiatives,” said Hazzard.

“The Third-Party Program is an integral piece of our overall mission to make Maryland manufacturers more competitive in the global marketplace,” said Sweeney.

“Manufacturing can be a brutal industry.  Margins are tight and competition is fierce.  Well-implemented marketing can make the difference between success and succumbing,” said Hazzard.

“We are investing in Maryland’s future,” said Sweeney.  “No one wants to think about a community without manufacturing and the economic benefits it brings. As we help companies become Next Generation manufacturers, Maryland will benefit from an economic multiplier that few things aside from manufacturing can match.”

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