Broken Link Checker is a great tool to safeguard SEO and spare you embarrassment

Broken link checker pluginJust as links are important for SEO, broken links can hurt your SEO.  You might like to know more about Broken Link Checker, a nifty plugin that we install on all of our clients’ websites.

Broken Link Checker periodically checks every link on your website in posts, pages, comments and other content and notifies you when a link is broken so that you can take appropriate action.  It also monitors images and alerts you if any are missing.

We typically configure Broken Link Checker to send our clients email when links on their sites appear to be broken.  The email will contain a link to a page on the backend of your site where you can check the broken link.  Options include deleting the link, dismissing the warning and editing the link to make it work again.  Broken links will also show up in a new tab of the WP admin panel -Tools > Broken Links, and in the Broken Link Checker widget on the dashboard.

Please note that links may be flagged by Broken Link Checker as broken when they are actually functioning properly.  One reason this may happen is due to temporary outages.  When you get a false alarm, simply dismiss the warning.

If you see text on your site that appears to be struck through, that is an indication that Broken Link Checker believes that the corresponding link it broken.

Links are an important element of SEO.  It’s good to have links in your text.  Links to content on your website do more to help your SEO than links to other sites, but both are good.  The best links, however, are the ones to your site from other sites.  These inbound links give your site credibility and improve your ranking against other sites like yours.  Therefore, whenever you contribute content to a website other than your own, try to include a link to your site.  One simple way to do that is to comment on other folks’ pages and posts.  In fact, some blogging platforms include a data field for URL.  Please never leave that field blank!

Link on, Macbeth!

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