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Google announces a small organic search boost for HTTPS

2016-10-17T10:29:46+00:00 August 8th, 2014|SEO|

In an attempt to influence greater security on the internet, Google announced earlier this month via its Webmaster Central Blog that encrypted sites will rank slightly higher in organic search, with all other things being equal. Specifically, Google said: …we're starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it's only a very lightweight [...]

Buzzquake launches new website under the heading of practicing what we preach (web design best practices)

2016-10-17T10:29:38+00:00 September 10th, 2016|Content Strategy, Newsletter, Responsive Design|

Buzzquake's new website incorporates many of the web design best practices that we advise our clients to implement, including a simplified homepage with a clean, simple and visually compelling message (Sales Solved) that is intended to speak to the needs of our target audience. In order to improve conversion rates, we significantly decluttered the page. Essentially we removed everything except


2017-02-13T12:53:59+00:00 January 6th, 2016|

Most websites do very little to help businesses meet their goals. If your website doesn’t generate more money than it costs, you’re far from alone. We build websites designed specifically to increase traffic and convert visitors to customers. Your website will become a working asset that provides an ROI. Read more >> PHENOMENAL job on [...]

Bounce rate explained along with tips to reduce it

2016-10-17T10:29:42+00:00 June 17th, 2015|Analytics, Content Strategy, SEO|

One of the more confusing concepts in web analytics is bounce rate.  If you’re among the confused when it comes to bounce, don’t feel bad.  It is neither a simple concept nor an exact science. Bounce Rate Explained In general, a "bounce" occurs when a visitor views a single page and then leaves a website.  [...]

/buzzquake’s latest project hawks big snow blowers  

2016-10-17T10:29:44+00:00 January 7th, 2015|Buzzquake Press|

“I think the first thing out of Grove’s mouth was ‘We need a new website to help reach folks who rent big snow blowers,’" recalled Frank Hazzard, a content strategist with Buzzquake Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland.  “Now there’s a phone call you don’t get every day.” “We provide a [...]

The Buzzquake SEO checklist for WordPress websites

2016-10-17T10:29:45+00:00 September 29th, 2014|SEO, WordPress|

We thought it might be helpful if we shared a list of things we do to improve our customers’ organic search rankings. If we forgot something or if you have additional tips, please leave a comment. The Buzzquake SEO Checklist Search Engines Create a Google Analytics account (if you don’t already have one) Install Google Analytics [...]

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