8-free-SEO-toolsI recently had an interesting conversation with one of our clients, Drain Chief, a plumber, concerning which tools he found most valuable in his line of work. That got me to thinking about which tools I most value as a content strategist. Although his favorite tools are a lot different than mine, they all exist to make our tasks a little easier.

Free SEO Tools

Unlike plumbers’ tools, my favorite SEO tools happen to be free and readily available on the web. Like almost all tools, the best results come after you use them for a while and get the hang of how they work.

Anyway, here are my favorite tools/resources for SEO work (in no particular order). I hope you find them useful in your quest to write original, compelling content more regularly.

  1. Google Keyword Planner (for keyword research). My favorite keyword generator. Google will tell you what terms people used when they searched for, and then clicked through to, websites like yours.
  2. Google Analytics (for myriad performance statistics)
  3. Keyword Tool (among the best of the hundreds of keyword generators available)
  4. Ubersuggest – My third-favorite keyword generator.
  5. Soovle lets you easily test keywords by specific social media sites (yes, they do vary).
  6. Google Trends will show you the hottest online subjects (most searched on Google) by this hour, today, or any week, month or year. Also, determine if interest is waxing or waning, and what future interest is predicted to be. This helps you decide which keywords will remain strong over time.
  7. Keyword Position shows you where a site ranks for a specific keyword.  Have you ever clicked through page after page looking for your site in search results? This simple yet useful tool tells you where your page falls in search results.
  8. How does my site compare to my competitors’ sites? Great question. Hard to answer. At least without Similar Web.

What tools are critical to your work?